Grade 6


Home Means to Me

Home is where you started to grow. Home is a place where I live and when I leave my home I think of home. Many things happen in my house which makes it special. During the holidays we spend time with each other, we also watch movies and family comes over. We have a game night, that’s when we all meet up and play card games like poker and crib and so on. Home means where your life started and where memories are made
When you move it doesn’t feel like home it feels like something else. my home holds all my memories. Memories are nice to have in a home, they make you feel really good. When you go to sleep. that day that you just had could’ve been a memory. Memories make a true home. My home is where love began and will never end. It’s a shelter from the snow, rain, sun and much more. Home is filled with love and memories. My loving and joyful home. That’s why I love home. This is my home and it always will be.