Grade 5

New Brunswick

Home means to me

Even with creaky floors to squeaky doors my home is very welcoming. Warmth from my family lights my home to bring back memories.

Not only are there people living in my home but also there are animals accepting shelter. Inside their cage my guinea pigs love to run. Everything is so big to them and there is so much for them to explore. My cats are energetic and love to play together. One is 10 years old and the other is 9 months old.

It’s fun to watch a storm go by from inside my home. I love my Mom and Dad, my two brothers too. Without them I’d be sad. My home keeps me safe. I wish everyone had a home to keep their happy memories.

Now you know a house can be a home if you choose to make it one. And now with Habitat for Humanity many are calling a house…….a home!