Grade 5


Home means to me

My home means a lot to me. I’m grateful to have a nice home and have a nice warm dinner every night. Some people don’t have that. We are really lucky to have a nice life.
We are lucky in winter to have a warm home to live in.People sometimes live on the streets and are cold. We need to change that.
We Are lucky to be in a safe country and be peaceful. Also not to think about starvation.Some people always have to be aware so they don’t get bombed or get their house on fire.They need to think about starvation.
When we need a snack we go to the pantry.Some people starve until they find something to eat. The question we ask is what are we having for dinner. Less fortunate people ask are we having something to eat. That’s why I’m grateful for everything I have.
I think every person deserves a house because we all have nice homes.People would love a happy,cozy,warm home like me. I can’t imagine a life without a house.I am so grateful for my home and family.