Grade 5

Saint Anns

Home Means the World to Me

Everybody has a different opinion of home and what it means to them, some are great, some are not, but for me home is possibly the most important thing. I love my house more than anything, even sometimes my friends. Home is where I do most of my stuff and will never make me mad or sad. I don’t care what people think about my home because my home will always be the same to me, wonderful. Home is important to me in plenty of ways that I could probably talk about all day, but I won’t talk about all the ways home means to me, instead I’ll talk about three ways.

The first reason why home means the most to me is because of everybody there who keeps me company. My family is a very important part of my life and will always be there no matter what. When I’m mad or sad they always comfort me no matter what happened to make me sad or mad. For example, when I’m feeling down or not enthusiastic my brother would always be nice and funny to cheer me up. In my opinion my family is the most important part of a home and of my life.

The second reason why home is very important to me is because some people don’t have a home. I know that some people are very unfortunate and don’t get the things other people do. Some people might not have a home of their own, a family or even food on the table. Those two things are possibly the most important things in my life and I probably wouldn’t be able to live without them. I’m very grateful for my home and family since people might not have them.

The third and last reason home means the absolute world to me is that at home, there are lots of things to learn. If you are at home and have nothing to do there are lots of things you can learn. Like for example at my house when I’m bored I find these learning books that have Grade 5 math, english and french, so on a weekend when I’m not at school I could use those. There are also lots and lots of books I can read at home like one of my favourite series, the Land of Stories. There are so many learning things at my house which mean so much to me.

At home there are lots and lots of things that mean a lot to me. I know that to some people home doesn’t mean anything to them but I know to me that my home means the world to me. Home means the absolute world to me no matter what, no one can change my mind even if it’s a great reason I’ll always know that home is the best thing in the world.