Grade 5


Home Means I am Loved

Home means I am loved.
Home means I am safe.
Home is where I stay,
Home is where I play.

I cook with my mom.
I watch tv with my dad.
I argue with my brother.
I snuggle with my dog.
Home is where I’m safe.

Home is a place for family.
Home is a place for friends
Home is a place that’s truly loved.
In my home I always feel safe.

When i am walking home from school in the winter,
I rush so I can get home quickly.
Inside, I see my family with me.
Inside a warm, safe place.

Sometimes there is homework.
Sometimes it’s not quite fair.
Sometimes I have to wait for an hour, for dinner to be prepared.
Still I’m patient, I’ll wait.

Home means life.
Home means family.
Home means love.
Home means safe.