Grade 5


home means everything

Home means everything to me. it’s the best thing for me,i’m so glad I have a roof to live under.I always think of people who don’t have a roof to be under, I always start to tear up . I always want to help people,I do my best ,I only make little money from doing my chores I always try and at least donate $3. when my little sister with down sydrome was born I thought more of helping people.My sister is the best thing what has ever happened to me. i thought what it would be like without a home. I’m so greatful for my home. I really want other people to be happy
too when having a roof , that’s why I’m really glad people do this kind of stuff. I remember when i saw this homeless man with his dog and I gave him some food and some dog food i still remember his face he was so happy.That’s why home means everything to me.