Grade 5


Home Means A Lot

A home is important. Homes means many different things to many different people. It can mean a building that they live in or a place that they feel safe in. But my meaning on what home means is lots of that combined. A home shouldn’t feel tense, nor should it feel like somewhere where you can’t live your life freely! You should never feel afraid to the point where you think you can’t trust anyone. Unfortunately some people do. Some people don’t have true homes. So I try not to take anything for granted, because I am lucky. I know where I belong and I know that I have parents I can run to when times are tough. My family are part of my home, without them I wouldn’t really feel happy or joyful or confident. And some people don’t have parents or guardians to feel safe by. So what I try to remind myself is that I am fortunate, I am fortunate to have what I have, to have a room of my own, a hot meal every night and to be able to go to school. My home is everything from with my family in our house, to being at school learning. So home is something special, each and every person has their own meaning. I have mine and you have yours. Home is when I am with my family and friends, when I feel safe and free to be whoever I want to be. My home is special to me.