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Home Means…

Home means a lot to me like having a roof over our heads and having food and most of all being thankful for what I got in life and having parents protect us.

Home is snuggling against my mom on the couch while talking about life, while laughing our heads off while thinking about our past that we have had and sharing very funny stories to each other.

Home means waking up tired on Christmas morning and opening presents on the floor with the warm fireplace on gulping hot coco. Home means spending time with my brother that has been ill and playing video games. While it was calmly snowing, and I was really glad that I spent time with him. And looking outside thinking what a wonderful world we got.

Home means playing a lot with my dog Stella who loves Toggle war and is the best at it. And I don’t know what I would do without her in my life. While sitting on the floor with my very warm fireplace on.

Home means handing out with my cousin who I have not seen in a year and is the best cousin ever. Playing board games and talking about what we have done in the past year or two and having a blast to some music and having the best time ever.

All of this is what home means to me and I will never forget that I have a roof over my head and food I will always be thankful for what I got and having wonderful protective parents there to support me whenever I’m down.