Grade 6

Nova Scotia

Home Means…

Home means…
First off I might not get to turn this in, it’s already the 18th. If I don’t finish in time I might be a bit disappointed in myself. Anyways that’s not the point I’m doing this to raise money and hope that a family that can’t afford a warm home gets a house, built by Habitat for Humanity.

A home is a very special place, a place to be safe, a place to feel warmness, a place to feel comfortable, and of course a place where you can be yourself. My bedroom is a very safe and special place to me, where I can be by myself. Well not by myself I always have my dog Molly laying by my side. She’s a bit on the older side. Molly is 14 she’s a springer spaniel lab mix. You can always hear her tiny paws tapping on the hardwood floor. Tip tap tip tap. I think it’s a sign she misses me. Sometimes she will even lay in front of my door to get my attention.

A part of my house is my swimming pool. I love my swimming pool. It was great in the summer! We didn’t get to use it that much because we moved into our new home in august. It’s very special to me because I love swimming, can’t do much in this weather though.

My warm kitchen means a lot to me, the smell of vanilla candles everywhere brings joy to my nose anyways I just love when my Mom lights the candles. Me and my Mum usually make cinnamon rolls every weekend. We make them home made. I always like to put extra cinnamon, it’s way better that way. We also make extra to bring to my moms clients work (Minuteman). One time my Mom’s client’s husband gave me $50!

Home is just a wonderful reason to be happy and grateful. I hope the family who is getting their home built has a lovely wonderful life, I’m so happy to raise $500 for Habitat For Humanity.