Grade 5

Red Deer

Home Meanings

What home means to family near me-Step mom: Home is my safe haven, the place I know I won’t be judged, the place I feel peace, love and happiness. Home is where my family and loved ones are, home is where my heart is, home is where YOU are.
Sister: Shelter, safety and family.
Step brother 1: A safe place.
Dad: Home means family. A place to feel safe and cared for.
Step brother 2: Shelter.
What home means to pets-A safe place to be fed, loved and cared about, where we can be their voices.

What home means to me-A place to share kindness, a warm shelter, a safe place, a place to be loved, a place to be cared about and a place of kind actions.
What being loved means to everybody-Happiness, joy, excitement and warm feelings.
What home means to family farther away-Mom: Home is wherever my family is.
Mama/grandma: Home means feeling loved by your family, feeling warm, safe and happy.
Papa/grandpa: Home is a place where you live with your family and will feel safe and loved. Where you make memories that will last a lifetime.

What having no home would mean to me-I would be very emotional, cold and I would be thinking the worst is going to happen.
What I love about being home with my family-All the fun and joy, having someone there for me and most importantly being loved and cared about.
What home means to everybody-It means a shelter from bad weather and a place to share kindness.
Question-What does home mean to you?