Grade 5


Home Meaning

To me, home means a friendly, customized and meaningful place where not only you, but also your family and peers interact with each other. Remember, on one side of the wall, people might see you, but on the other side is something people can’t see. On the other side are your thoughts.

A home isn’t just a dwelling or place. It’s a whole new world, a world with walls strong enough to block out all your worries . Your home is a place where you can relax, calm down, party or do as you like. It’s a place where you know your safe and secure, from negative thoughts that can travel around the mind and body. At home, I can reflect on my decisions and actions and soothe my nerves.

Home for me is school because I can learn, interact, laugh and strive. For others, it can be a hut, shack, bedroom or maybe their mind. Lots of people don’t have any homes, even in 2020. In my opinion, we should start a strong charity that provides homes and shelters for ALL living organisms on this planet, across the globe and beyond.

When I hear the word “home”, I don’t just think or hear. I feel, think, hear, see and dream. Because home isn’t just a word. Home is a feeling. Home is a thought. Home is something that others can hear, but not all can see. Home is a dream, one that will come true.

Not everyone might have a home physically, but everyone does mentally. Last of all, something to consider, something to feel and think and dream about. Home is like a defense system which won’t go out and fight for you, but fight with you.