Grade 5


Home makes my heart smile

Home makes my heart smile. It is a special place where I see and feel love. My home is filled with sounds, smells and flavours that we treasure and create as a family.
In my home, I see Dad washing dishes at the sink. My mom is folding fresh, clean laundry at the stairs, while my little sister is practicing her spelling words at the table. The fireplace is turned on and keeping us cozy. I see open arms, busy hands and smiles. Home makes my heart see.
In my home, I hear questions and advice, singing and laughter. We share our feelings, ideas and opinions. Feet tap and hands clap to the beat of music as we dance together. Home makes my heart hear.
In my home, the smells are familiar – lemon, cinnamon and vanilla. The combination of these three scents are what I look forward to smelling when I get home from school each day. Home makes my heart smell.
In my home, we make and eat our meals together. BBQ’s, salads, pastas and ice cream sundaes are my favourites. I feel lucky to eat so many nutritious and delicious meals with the people who I love the most. Home makes my heart taste.
In my home, I feel safe and supported. Soft blankets and warm bodies hug me when I need them the most. I have space to make mistakes and learn from them. My family always says I can do anything I put my mind to, and this is something I believe. Home makes my heart feel.
My home is a special place where I can use my five senses to learn and grow with my family. Home makes my heart smile.