Grade 6


Home Makes Me Feel

Tue,Jan 22,2019 Home Makes Me Feel…
Home makes me feel happy because we have a good house. I feel safe because we have a nice home with lots of nice neighbors beside us. I am comfortable because we are a family and I trust them.
I feel happy for having a nice home with nice a clean furniture and for having nice neighbors that are and we sort of no then a little bit. I also feel happy because we have a enough room for me and my brother to not have to share a room.
I feel safe at my house because we have good neighbors around us and friendly too. And when my mom or dad leave they will lock the door when we don’t feel like going with them.
I feel comfortable at my house because at my house we have a good home with two dogs and they always follow my mom around but if she lives the house my dog will follow me and lay with me.
I feel good about my home because it makes me feel happy,safe and comfortable. It is a really good home because we have a heater in our upstairs and a downstairs we have an in floor. Thanks for reading about what home makes me feel like.