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West Kelowna
British Columbia

Home Makes Me Feel Happy

Home to me is coming in to cats greeting you at the door and when you try to walk by without saying “hello,” they start meowing at you like you just stepped on their tails. When you go to put down your stuff, they follow you until you pick them up like a little baby. You go to sit down and your little buddy (the littlest cat) is already there waiting for you. When you’re sad or upset you have someone to talk to and you know you are not alone. When you’re scared, your mom or dad will give you a hug and say everything will be ok and somehow it just makes everything go back to normal in a heartbeat. When you wake up and look outside the window, you see horses running around and it’s just like they’re saying good morning to you and it makes you feel like it’s going to be a good day. So for me my house makes me feel happy and safe, and like I belong there.