Grade 5


HomeLove, Memories, Community, World

When I think of what home means to me, it is a place where you should know that you are loved. There is a difference between a house and a home. Home should be a place you will be protected. Home isn’t just four walls, windows, and a roof. It’s where you can feel the most yourself. A home is a place where you laugh, love, and make some of the happiest memories with family. When I am home I know that’s where I belong!
​ My Great Granny grew up on a farm. She would often tell stories about life on the farm in the old days. As she got older she got Alzheimer’s. A few months before she died she got confused. She would ask questions like, “When can I go to the farm?” It was sad because she hadn’t lived on the farm for years. However, the farm was the home she remembered. I think the things we remember are the important things. My granny’s farm was one of the most important things to her because that’s where she raised her family. The farm was home!
Lots of people don’t have access to safe or healthy homes because of pricing. As a family we went to Santa Monica where there were benches filled with homeless people. We should be doing more to help out in our communities and to give to those in need so these people can find hope and experience their life with a home.
This world is our home. We all live on the same planet so why are we destroying it by littering and polluting? This Earth is our home so we should be trying to save it. There is still hope for everyone to have a safe and loving place to call home!