Grade 6

Mount Pearl
Newfoundland and Labrador

Home Love

Have you ever wondered about life without your loving home? It would probably be really challenging and extremely different. You would probably be living on the streets with nowhere to go. Your home is where you feel comfortable to eat, play and cry. These are some reasons why I love my incredible home.

First of all, have you ever come home after a long and tiring day? I definitely have and I love that feeling when I can sit down with my dog who is always so happy to see me, or go lay down on my bed with my favorite blanket.

My home is also very caring, loving and funny. For example if I’m sad my family in my home cheers me up. My home is also a safe place to be. I could never imagine living somewhere where I do not feel safe. Another reason why I love my home is because of the people who live in it also known as my family. They are always there for me no matter what.

In conclusion this is why I could not imagine life without my home. I have only lived in this house my full life and I would not change that for a thing in the world.