Grade 6


Home Last’s Forever

Home Last’s Forever
A home is more than insulation,
In this place there’s participation.
A place where love and care are found,
Shielded from this world around.
Memories are made with joy and glee,
That makes me happy as can be.

Houses are buildings in a row,
Dull and silent, but not mine.
Friends and family assemble here,
Making our home more warm and cheer.

Snow is heaped up very high,
Dad is making a fort outside.
Running around, having snowball fights,
Mom’s inside making hot chocolate tonight.
Hot chocolate is warm, snow is falling outside,
Cold and blustery, but cozy inside.

Dad brings home a dark thing,
We ask, “what’s that big moving something.”
He lets it down and we see it’s a pig,
The animal is so black as a big juicy fig.
Memories will last forever,
But the pig was a blast.

A house keeps you safe,
In a home there’s love all around.