Grade 6

Salmon Arm
British Columbia


Home is the place you go when no one else accepts you
The place you belong, no matter what you do
Home is the place I have made my most wonderful memories,
Where you share stories about your day, over cake and tea

To me my family is what makes my house a home
It’s my favorite place to roam
Since my first steps I have been forgiven more times than I can count almost like forgiveness is in my family’s genome

I remember one year,
Every night when we crawled into bed
My mom would read us stories of times far ahead
When we finally got tired and layed our heads on our bedspreads
She would tell us she loved us and would ‘till the end

Some people don’t have a house but that’s no reason to think they don’t have a home
I am grateful I have a home a place where I have grown

To me my house is my home, to a little boy, home might be the hockey rink
Or a little girls might be hanging out with her mink
That just goes to say a home can be whatever you want it to be but a house, that’s just an empty building

There is much more to a home than just four walls and a roof, it is full to the brim with love and good luck
Home is the place I saw my first buck
Where I saw my first duck driving a truck

I’m so happy to help a lucky family get a new place to call home
Maybe their kid is named Jerome
I don’t know how much I can help
But I want you to know my ten bucks is heartfelt