Grade 4


Home isn’t just any sort of place

The structure doesn’t matter much. It’s what’s in a home that matters.
Home is a place where when I walk in the door I immediately feel all the priceless happiness and love from above.
It’s a place where I’ve grown, where I’ve learned important lessons.
It’s a place where there are streams of hope to fulfil my dreams.
Home is a place where memories are made, where there is unlimited fun and laughter.
Home is a place where my decisions, thoughts, and feelings aren’t judged. It’s a place where I feel safe and warm.
It’s a place where when I am upset my family comforts me as nothing else could.

My family is the heart of my home, without my family there is no heart and without the art of the heart, my home is nothing. A house is a building, a place. A home is much more.

Everyone deserves a home, where they feel safe and warm. Everyone should laugh as much as me. Everyone deserves love and hope.