Grade 6

Grande Prairie

Home isn’t just a place

Home is where I belong. When I am home I can be myself. Home is a place I always feel welcome. At home I can feel the love the second I walk in. There are many things that make my home, like how as soon as I walk in my dogs come running to the door to say “Hi”. Or the feeling of sudden joy when I get home and my mom says it’s the weekend, meaning I get to sleep in till ten, but I always end up sleeping till twelve.

I love the fact that my space is my space and no one else’s. My home is the place where I feel most safe. But also home isn’t just a space it’s a feeling, a feeling that makes me feel warm inside when I think about it, a feeling that no matter where you are whether its a hotel or a tent, as long as you’re with the right people you can call it home. All though not everyone has a place they can call home. I am writing this essay to try and help just a little bit, make someone’s day better. I hope I can make a change in someone’s day. That is what home means to me.