Grade 6

British Columbia

Home Isn’t a House

Home isn’t walls and a roof, it doesn’t have to be waterproof.
Home isn’t a building ten stories tall. Home to me isn’t something small.
Guess what? Home isn’t a building at all.

I bet you’re wondering what home might be to me?
Well keep an open mind and you will see.
Home can be something that makes your heart pound..
Something that you can feel, floating all around.

Home is when my mom has made hot chocolate especially for me. Home is when I let myself go crazy and feel like I’m a V.I.P. Home is more than what you see. It’s a place where you can just feel free.

Home is a little universe made of love.
I choose all of the above.

When I think of home, I think of my family snuggling close.
It’s little things like that, that mean the most.

Thanks to my family, they make me feel tall,
even when someone tries to make me feel small.

No matter the roof we may be under.
Our home is what we make it and no one can ever take it.

My home is wherever my family may be.
This is what home means to me!