Grade 5


Home is where……

Home is where mom is…..

When I hear the word “HOME” instantly the image of my mother appears.

Me and my baby brother wake up really early and run to her room, lay beside her, that white ceiling we see while bugging her early in the morning is HOME.

The squeak in her bed and the sun kissing her face while we little brats opened the curtains continue making noises to wake her up, mother half asleep or “pretending” to be asleep is HOME.

The noise of pots, pans, glasses and plates and the smell of homemade food cooked in our small kitchen while her hair is all still big and curly yet my god she’s so pretty is HOME.

She feeds us before she eats herself than says she’s not eating because she’s on a diet🥺 My mom is the definition of HOME.

I take her one arm and baby brother takes her other arm, we both easily fall asleep while we hide our faces in her neck. The next day her arms are sore yet wouldn’t think twice to wrap us around her arms all over again is HOME.

A mother can replace a dad but can a dad replace a mother like ours ? She is both a mother and our HOME.

HOME to me is where mom is 😊🌹