Grade 6

West Kelowna
British Columbia

Home is Where You’re Safe

Home is a place where you can feel safe, but home makes me feel all sort of things. Home to me is where I can come home and feel like I mean something to someone, and when I get to see my puppy, its makes me so happy when I can go home and see my puppy, and when I go home I smell all sort of things like, cookies, cake and more! Home is somewhere you can be loved by all sorts of people, family members or friends.

When I go home, I like to cuddle up in my bed and be all cozy and comfortable under all my blankets, pillows and in my oodi,
When I get home I can feel safe and I can get help then I need it the most, for example if you get hurt at school, home will have all you need and some first aid stuff, home is somewhere where I have a bed to sleep on and I feel safe in my bed.

When I get home, I feel special because my mom will always be there ready to give me a hug, and when I get home I like to take a shower so I don’t stink or feel gross. Some people are not as lucky as most of us. A home is where you make memories.

Home to me is somewhere I can feel happy and many more feelings . There are just so many feelings that you should feel at home.
When you can go home and spend time with your family, it should make you feel warm, safe, relaxed, loved and when you sit down and have a family dinner it will make you feel safe, happy and most of all, loved.