Grade 5


Home is where your story started

To me home is a safe is a safe, warm , loving place and the most important building filled with the most loving and supportive people. But what I think is the best feature in a house is the amount of memories made in it. Even when you move the memories always stay with you, for example I still remember when my cousin came over for the first time .My favourite place room in my house is my bedroom because I can be free to do what I want like playing video games while blasting music .You might think that living in a house is a normal thing but its way more then you just that your , parents have worked so hard for it and they still work hard for your family and food. When I see kids disrespecting their parents just annoys me. Think about the homeless don’t have a place to stay when their cold or sick and they might not even have someone to accompany them and give them comfort .Remember living in a house is a privilege don’t ever take it for granted.
By Trianna atienza