Grade 6



A home isn’t just a roof or walls or how much it costs or the things inside it. A home is a special place where you can go after a long day at work or school. You can go home to your haven which is your place of safety and refuge. Being home is the best feeling you could ever have whether you’re sad, mad, happy or excited. “There’s no place like home” is what people say and I think it’s entirely true.

Houses come in different shapes, looks, and sizes. Home is not about your address, neighborhood, or house value. Having your own home is a right not a privilege. At this modern time, homelessness is a real problem that needs attention and a solution.

If you really think about it and open your eyes you can see that this world needs a lot of safe homes for people and animals. Seeing homeless people around and not sure where they stay at night especially during this cold weather hurts my feelings. Life is not just about giggles and butterflies. It reminds me how fortunate I am to have a home. I wish that they would also have a place to feel secure and protected like I do.

Home is where love resides. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, as long as it shelters you. No matter what it looks like, it is the feeling of comfort, security, and belonging that is important. I would like to give hope to people who have no home at this time that there´s always a possibility that things can be better. Even on your darkest days there will always a rainbow after the rain, a home for those who are homeless now.