Grade 6

British Columbia

Home is Where Your Love is

Home is Where Your Love is
By: Hailey Hollenbeck
Home to me is about love, family, where you feel comfortable and where you feel safe. (Be prepared this essay is going to BLOW your mind away and you’re not going to think about ANYTHING but this essay)

Home is like a plant ready to grow. It needs sun like love and someone to watch over it to be safe. A home needs love to make it your happy place. A home is also where your heart is happy! Home could be anywhere you feel comfortable, like in the nature, at your friends’ houses, maybe at a park or even at your school or maybe sitting at the top of a mountain. Some people don’t have homes and that is very sad to just think about, I mean they don’t have a place they feel happy or safe.

To some people home is just a building people live in but really it’s so different. Every house is a seed but every home is a well grown tree. A house has materials but a home has love. The reason people say honey I’m home is because a home is as sweet as honey. Being home with my family is home to me, being in nature, being with animals or even lying in my bad listening to music. My house is my home because I’ve lived in it since I was about three months old so all my memories with my family is in that house.

The word home is about so much more than you think. Its more than were you feel happy.