Grade 5

New Glasgow
Nova Scotia

Home Is Where Your Heart Is

I believe that a home can be found anywhere in the world. A home doesn’t have to be where you live. It can be a school, a friend’s house or a place where you are with loved ones.
There are three things that I believe are required to have a good home. A home needs happiness, safety and you need to feel loved. I also think that all these things go hand in hand. Without one it is impossible to have the others.
One of the reasons I feel you need to be happy in a home is because if you weren’t happy you would never want to be there and your home should be your favourite place. For example in the movie The Wizard of Oz Dorothy runs away from her house and ends up in Oz because she wasn’t happy. After her journey through Oz Dorothy realises her family loves her and that there is no place like home.
As I said earlier, the three things you need in a home all go hand in hand. You would never feel happy if you weren’t loved. I’m sure that if you have ever felt unappreciated you did not like it. When you don’t feel loved or appreciated you constantly feel like you have a target on your back and when you feel like that you do not feel safe. In the book series Harry Potter the Dursleys treat Harry horribly and even though it was his house Hogwarts was definitely his home.
I think that the next thing you need to feel is one of the more obvious reasons. You have to feel safe in your home. Imagine going to a place everyday worrying that someone was going to bully you, that you didn’t have enough money or that something bad could happen at any moment. A lot of people are lucky enough to never feel like that but if you have I can guarantee you didn’t feel at home.
In the book and television series titled A Series of Unfortunate Events the Baudelaires don’t feel safe at Count Olaf’s house. Even though they only live there for a short time it is absolutely terrible. Leaving the Baudelaires scarred forever.
Some of my favourite quotes about home are “A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams” and “Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong and laughter never ends”. I love both of these quotes because they perfectly represent how I feel. Both of the quotes talk about how a home and a house are not the same and I want everyone to know that.
I hope that everyone reading this has been able to find a place where they feel at home and if you haven’t I am sure you will one day. In closing remember that home is where your heart is.