Grade 5

British Columbia

Home Is Where Your Heart Is.

I used to live in New York City. I was happy there. I had lots of friends and my life was perfect. I lived downtown in a big apartment. I lived close to the school. My mom had a good job. My house was my favourite place in the whole world, but that all changed after I got home from school and found out that we’re moving to Victoria, B.C. in Canada. I was so surprised and angry that I ran to my room. My parents came in and they explained why we were moving. They told me we were moving in one month, so I started to pack all my stuff.

One month later, the men picked up boxes and took them to the car. We went to the airport, got on the plane, and took off to Victoria. Seven hours and 25 minutes later, we got off the plane, and drove to our new house. I liked it, but I was sad. I missed my old house.

The moving truck wasn’t coming until tomorrow, so we had to sleep on the floor. The next day, the moving truck came. They brought my stuff and I organized my room, but it still didn’t feel like home.

It was hard on the first day of school; I was the new girl that no one wanted to talk to. It was hard, but things got better after a couple of days and I started to make some new friends.

Over time, I learned that home is where you are happy and with friends and family that love you.