Grade 5

Olha MB

Home Is Where Your Heart Is

Lots of people say a home is just a building, but it is not. You need to think deeper. Home is where your heart is. Whether you live on a sidewalk or in a mansion. Home is a place to feel safe, and loved. It is also a place to be cozy and warm. I have two favourite places inside of my home. Inside my home my favourite place to be is my bedroom. It is a perfect place to be because I can read,sleep and feel safe there. My second favourite place is probably my living room.I like my living room because I can play all sorts of games with friends or family.

My room is important to me because I can sit in my room and read with my family before I go to sleep. My room is also safe and I feel protected there. I feel safe because my toy animals are there if I am scared in the night. In my living room I can play games like air hockey. My dad usually wins. Sometimes my family has a game night. I usually win this.

At home I feel elated that I can spend time with my family and friends. In my living room I can have my birthday parties and invite friends over. When I get home I can sit down to a scrumptious meal with my family and talk about my day at school with my brother, mom, dad and sometimes my big sister when she comes out to visit us.

To me a home is a place to feel loved and cared for. Home is where your heart is.

“ I’ve learned that home isn’t a place it’s a feeling” -Cecelia Ahern