Grade 6

British Columbia

Home is Where Your Heart is

Home is not always where you live its where you feel safe and happy. Home could be somewhere in the nature, your dance studio or a hotel.
A home is like a book every new day is a new page. Every home has its own story. I have a couple of homes. My home , my friends homes, my dance studio and nature. The reason I have so many homes is because at those places I feel happy, loved, safe and can be my true self.
A house follows blue print a home follows a story. The difference between a house and a home is that a house is man-made and a home is love and family. A house can turn into a home though cause once love comes to the house it can be a home.
I have 2 homes my mom’s home and my dad’s home. My mom’s house feels like a home all the time. My dad’s house feels like a home most of the time but not always. At my dance studio it is a home to me because I feel safe and loved.
Over all a home is different to everyone and that is ok .A home is an amazing place its love and family to me . And home can be anywhere.