Grade 4

New Brunswick

Home is Where You Roam!

Home is a place where all you smell is happiness. It’s a place where you are welcome to be who you want to be! You should never have to fight at your happy place. Home is a warm place where you are always welcome! At home you should never feel rushed. It will always mean the world to you, like you will always mean the world to it. You’re not the only one who wants or loves their home. Everyone deserves a home. Home is where we roam. Everyone deserves a happy place where they roam that they can call home. Home is where you go when you feel rushed! Nothing makes you feel as happy or as warm as your home does! Home is my happy place and it should be yours. It’s where you can wake up to a crystal blue sky in the morning and go to sleep in the dusk sunset of the night. The golden sunrise wakes you up through the window, makes you ready for a new day! You share your home with your family! At home you celebrate! In your dreams in your head you can touch the fluffy clouds above your head! In your happy place you can relax and feel like you’re getting pulled away by balloons. Home is a place like nothing you can compare. No matter where you are you’ll always have a sense of home because that sense is you. It’s like home is a puzzle and you’re the missing piece! You can lay on the grass and smell the earth, smell as you feel the gentle breeze of wind. Home will always smell right to you. That’s why I love my home.