Grade 4

Porters Lake
Nova Scotia

Home is Where You Belong

Home is Where You Belong

Home is where you belong,
it can’t just be a house,
Even if you’re rich or poor,
you can always be where YOU belong, not me.

Home can be outside like a street,
a tree,
or even underwater,
Home can be inside like your house,
that’s a home,
maybe in a cave,
or in a hollow tree.
Home can be a mansion,
somewhere you can play.
Home can be a limo,
something you can drive.

So this is something you should remember,
homes are everywhere.
So you decide where YOUR home is, not mine.
These types of things are important,
like life decisions.

So next time you see a “homeless person”,
say “You’re not homeless, your home is where you belong”, and they might say “O.k.”.
Then say, “Home can be anywhere”.