Grade 6


Home is Where you are Loved

Home is different for everyone.

Some homes are long and skinny, some are tall, some are short.

Some homes aren’t buildings at all, but it could be a car or a van that travels to different places, or you could live in an apartment.

Home isn’t just a building, home isn’t just where you live, home is where you feel like you belong.

Home is where you are loved, cared for, and accepted. Home is where some of your happiest memories are made.

I am grateful that I have a bed to sleep on and a roof over my head.

I am also very grateful that I have food in my kitchen and a loving family.

I am thankful for all these things because I know not everyone can say the same thing or feel the same way.

Everyone should have a home. We never know how they got there in the first place or what that person’s situation is. It doesn’t matter if they have an addiction or a disability, everyone should be treated the same and get a safe place to sleep.

Everyone deserves a loving home with people who care for them because, home is where you are loved.