Grade 5


Home Is Where We Love Not Hate

When I think of home I think of love and where I can share my secrets that I don’t want to share with anyone. I think home is the best place to be when you’re sad because there are people that love you at home. My home will always be the best because if some people say they don’t like it I don’t care because home is where all my memories are at and stuff I will never forget. When I think of my home i’m happy because a lot of people don’t have a home but I do and that is why I love my home. Home is the best because if I didn’t have one I would not have anything to go to when I come home from school or I would not have any bed to lay in at night if I didn’t have a home. Home is what I love because if i didn’t have one I would have to live on the streets and I would not like that but know since covid 19 came a lot of people lost their jobs and could not pay for rent so they had to live on the street so I’m happy that my family didn’t lose their jobs. One funny memory in my home was in 2018 on Christmas my parents got me and my sister a hoverboard and we tried it and we were good because my uncle had one and me and my sister tried it but my mom and dad tried it but they were not that good so they almost fell. Home is really fun because I have a lot of stuff to play with like my xbox and my tv is one of the things I have to play with. I also have a basketball net that I like to play with a lot so my home is really fun. Home is one of the best things I have ever got because I feel welcome every day. One other thing about my home that is nice is that if I’m cold my home will make me warm and make me comfortable. Home is one of the best places to ask for help or advice. Home is where we have baby pictures and old memories. That is why home is where we love not hate.