Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia


Home Where you can make Good Memories With your family and friends and it’s where you keep all your special stuff and sometimes you have surprises for your family but not all the time and there might be surprises for you, and it’s where you have wins or lose,it’s where you go thru tuff times in your life, it happens to everyone, you can lose your home because it’s too expensive to pay bills for your home, or you lose your home in a storm. When your home is gone, you probably don’t have a place to call home, family will probably help you out, or friends can help out, and it will be hard to get a job with a good payment. Life would be boring if you did not find the perfect home, you would not have fun, your life would be nothing. Home is where the magic happens in life, it’s the building blocks of life, without a home there would be no fun in life.Sometimes life gets hard, for others it’s pretty straight forward.