Grade 6


Home is Where we Grow up

To me, home is, well, my house. Its where I grew up, and do everything I love. Like drawing comics, writing stories, and a place where I make memories. At home, me and my sister always play card games while eating fresh fruit my mom has prepared, that is one of my favorite memories. I also remember always going outside when it snows, and making snowballs and throwing them at my house. My parents would get mad at me for doing that, but I didn’t mind. When I got inside I would always get a nice and hot beverage and a blanket. Home also means my family. They do so much for me, like make my food, do my laundry, keep me company, and obviously more things, that there are too many to name!

All my memories are from my current house, since I moved from Israel at such a young age. All I have from my old life back at my old house are pictures and videos. But that’s okay because at least I have SOME idea of what I was like when I was, because at least I have SOME idea of what I was like when I was little.
In my backyard, there are always SO many birds. My dad really likes birds, and he puts bird feeders outside to they can have something to eat. Occasionally, cats also roam around my neighborhood, and same with rabbits! I remember I used to watch all the animals through the window all day long when I was little, and I guess that’s how I spent most of my time. Looking back at it, I was a pretty odd kid. I’m still living in the same house to this day. In fact, I have for almost nine years, and I am so grateful that I have been able to create these memories, and that I even HAVE home, because so many people don’t.