Grade 5


Home is where to be

This short essay is about what I think of when I think home and what it means to me, because there is no doubt that home means so much to me.

When I think of home, I think of my warm, cozy house. My home is where I was born, where most of my happy memories come to me when I enter through the doorway. Wherever I am, I think of my home, what I will do in it, memories and many, many more things. I’ve entered through my doorway and thought of when I first found out what soccer was. It now has become part of almost every day in my life.

Home is what keeps me excited for after school, it waits there like a nice friend, inviting me over all the time. It stays the same unless I want it to change, I just start moving things around and it’s like a whole new person. My Home is like a protective shield, It protects me from the outside world. Home is what keeps me warm or cool when I’m inside, when I don’t feel like facing the real, over populated, sometimes-cold-world.

When I think broadly of home, I will think of the earth. The earth is the main home for me, without the earth, and just my house, I would be floating in space and I would die. When on the other hand with the earth and without my home, I could still live, But with both, their like best friends and i’m in their friend circle. The world protects me from space, and my house protects me from the bad and old parts of the world.

This is why my home is so important and what it means to me, and that people should think broadly of home and closely about that you’re going to beTotally learning Tower