Grade 6


Home is Where the Spark of Magic Begins

is where everything is possible.
All dreams can come true
and the same with all the people around you.
A place where you join hands with your family
and the people you love.
The hint of magic lingers up above.
The warm tingle of warmth growing in my heart
a place where someone can wipe your tears away
or you can lean on someone for a day.

The fireplace is coming to life
as sparks fly brightly
Dancing in the night sky
like fireflies
buzzing eagerly lighting up the sky.

When the sky is crashing with thunder
you go hide underneath your covers.
For your home is there to wrap its arm around your shoulders.

When you look out a window on a cold, rainy day
your heart does not feel right
the tears of the clouds come rushing down.
Home is there to protect you.

Where you fall and droop your head
Home says “Raise your head high.”
Home offers a hand and pulls you back up.
Though sometimes fire can fill your heart
anger, impatience, belligerence.
Home just simply rests its hand
On your shoulder
to cool you down.
Home is there to reassure you and unwind your negative thoughts.

When horrid thoughts crawl about in your head
Home just brushes those scars away.
Though sometimes home cannot be there
and you have to deal with the world yourself.
You can grow like a tree from these moments of life.

is where everything is possible.
All dreams come true
with all the people around you.
At night, home is there to comfort you
And still,
it sees your smile and steady breathing going