Grade 5

Perth Road

Home is Where the Memories Live

Home is where the memories live

Home, home is where you make memories, home is where you take your first steps, home is where you can find your family.

Home is where you laugh, play, live, smile and make lots of beautiful memories. Maybe you are stressed, mad or sad but when you get home you become happy again.

Home is more than just a roof over your head, home is way more than just a house, home is a beautiful place where you grow up, make memories and live your life.

When I go home I’m happy and glad I’m home, because I’m with my mom, dad, brother and pets. In the morning I wake up and I’m ready for another amazing day at home.

To me home is where I can relax, have fun, grow up and live my life. To me home is so much more than a roof over my head, furniture and food in a fridge, home is a comfortable place where i grow up.

Have You ever asked yourself what home is for you and how do you look at it?