Grade 5


Home Is Where The Memories Are

Home, well, for me is a place
Where I can be alone. Left to be with me, myself, and I;
A place for closure, for me to be alone,
And not have to show my face.

The difference between home and house,
To me, is very clear,
Home to me is a place,
For me to have no fear,
For me to feel comfort,
For my loved ones to be near.

When I hear the word “home” mentioned,
I think of what it means.
To me, Home is a place,
For me to be respected!

However, A house is very different, Well,
For me, a house
Is nothing but a structure,
I lack valuable memories there,
It is just a place, lackluster…

For me, the difference between Home and House, is so very clear,
House is just a structure, a place, but not for you,
Home, is a place, you cherish in your heart,
A place for sacred memories;
A place where the memories are!

I understand some people
Who feel their house is not a home
Because where they live,
It is not of their own.
They do not feel welcome
And they do not feel protected
So enjoy your very own
For some, it is neglected.