Grade 6

Prince George
British Columbia

Home is where the love is

Home is more then a house. It’s a place where you hold your heart and memories. People are so lucky to have homes. There are so many people who aren’t as fortunate. Some people think home is a place for warmth and protection and some people think it’s a place for love.
Home is where you cherish your memories, love each other, where we are fortunate to have what we have.
There are so many things about home we don’t see. Our homes are made from memories. If you move often you make memories and leave them. That just means you have room for so many more. Sitting by the fire place, eating a thanksgiving meal, home is amazing and it’s special to have these things. Home is where I am most happy and the place I love.
Home is where the love is. It’s where people love you. When you’re sad you can cry and someone will be with you supporting you even through the toughest times. No matter the size or shape your house is where you live love and laugh.
We are fortunate to have the homes we have. When we are at home we should think about those who don’t have the same. In Canada I am very happy that I have my needs, a family who supports me. So many families get to be together and that makes a great home. Families love one another and that is special. I am so lucky to be with my family and be able to do things I love. I feel like the luckiest person on earth! Home’s where we have each other. It’s not how big your house is.
Home is the place where love goes on forever. Home’s something that begins small and grows big.