Grade 4

Portugal Cove-St Philips
Newfoundland and Labrador

Home is Where the Love is

Home is Where The Love is

A house is not a home. A home is comforting and is not just wood, nails or money. It is about family and friends. Yes you may get in fights, but it will all be right you will forgive in the night . My mom, dad ,me and my little dog named Teak are very happy that we are in a safe environment. But some families can not be safe were they are in the world. Because there might be a war were they are but we can help if we donate and care. School is different in other places, in some countries there are restrictions for what you have to do it is not fair for kids. People in other countries have different religions that they believe in so respect that.

There’s a lot of garbage in the world and it not healthy for the people, they well get sick, and the homes are not very clean. Send some medicine to them they will be grateful. Some kids do not have any family to look up to. I am so happy that I have a very happy family.

The End