Grade 5


Home is where the life comes

When all is lost and hope is gone
your family stops all the cons.
It’s a place where can exercise
and a place where you can fantasize.
A special place to reunite
by the campfire and candlelight.

Then all is bright and we don’t fight
and all is light and we are right.
We cheer and laugh like little seals
and we feel like we’re on some wheels.
We feel all comfy in our home,
we’re just like bees and honeycomb.

If all of thee live happily
then none of thee lives unhappily.
When all of us are hand to hand
then all of us are like grains of sand.
We all have different personalities
but we share the same municipality.

Home has all the things you need
and all the books that you can read.
There’s tons of food that you can try,
it’s just like eating a pork pie.
Now that’s all I got for you today,
now let’s have fun and shout hooray!
By:Christine Guo