Grade 5

grimsby ontario

home is where the heart will be

As I walk to my home I want to go faster because I know my home is where my heart will be, my house is full of love and happiness, it is also where memories are made, it is a place I always want to be.

As I turn the knob of my home, my heart beats fast to meet my parents and share my experiences,because I know it is a place I love to be and cherish.

Inside the house it is full of love, it is a place to be, it is full of love and happiness to offer us so we will be happy within thee.

As I think about my day in my extra special day in my extra special home , I wonder why my home is extra special to me, and smile with my answer. It’s because home is always where the heart will be!


What is a home and what is a house? I was wondering that too, well a house is a place where you stay, it can be an apartment or just a house, but a home, a home can be anything it can be a house, a toun, a province, a country, or a continent,it can be anything that offers you protection, shelter, food, safety, and love. Now you know what a home and a house is!