Grade 6

Thunder Bay

Home is where the Heart Lives

Home is where you are safe
Our family and love live here
memories formed everyday
Every moment you can trust

Instantly you feel a click
So powerful you realize this is home

Whatever room you’re in, you feel loved
Happiness flows around you
Everywhere you look you feel safe
Run free here; don’t feel judged
Everywhere you go you are free from those judgy eyes

This is where your imagination can flow
Hearing the voices of the ones who don’t
Experience the warmth of their own home

Home is where the heart lives
Everything that makes you happy
Awaits you here
Run free from all negativity
The house is an object, a home is where the heart is

Love sings here in a secret tune
I thank my family for this home
Valuable beyond words
Every day I am grateful
Safe, sacred, sanctuary

My Home