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Home is where the Heart lives

Home is where the heart lies each day filled with a surprise. Sometimes I dream about those who don’t have a home.
But I know I can come back home and relax.
Home is like winning the lottery because having a home can lift your spirit.

Home is where the heart lies I can see it with my own two eyes. Wish that homelessness was never a word but I know I can’t change a thing. But by writing this poem I hope it brings joy to the homeless. I see a lot of people singing songs to earn money but I know that they may not reach that goal because some of them starve, but sadly couldn’t buy a thing.

Home is where the heart lies I would cry if I lost my home. All the great memories will be gone, almost everything I love lost. So home is not a shelter, it’s a place for warm memories to reflect on. There nothing better than home sweet home.