Grade 6


Home is Where the Heart is

Home is a place where you can go when you’re in need. Home is where a light is shining in the darkness. A happy place where you can live and learn different things Home is where memories with your loved ones and your dearest friends are made. A home to me means a safe place to sleep at night. If you look at a home from the outside, it’s just a house, but if you go into that house, it’s comfy and the people inside accept you for who you are. Home is where my heart is.

A house is just a building with walls and a roof. A house is just a place that you can rent and it’s not permanent. A home is permanent. A home can run in the family and you can cherish it for many years to come and make memories. Home is a blessing to have.

If I didn’t have a home and somebody gave me one, I would be in tears and I would help people out any way that I could so they could have a place to call home forever. I would also be in tears if somebody didn’t have a home because I know there is people out there that don’t have a home. A home is a great thing to have and I don’t have any complaints of my own, I wouldn’t change a thing about my home, except to have my dad home more often. I know he is trying to provide for my family so that we can have a home. I’m so grateful for my home. If I could do anything, I would help people to have a safe and cozy home for their nights ahead.