Grade 6

British Columbia

Home is where the heart is

To me a home is not just walls, a roof and windows. It is a place where you can be you, a place where you will be appreciated no matter what. A home is full of love, fun and happiness. The happiness comes from games, movie nights, and fun with your family. The fun comes from traveling and cooking with your mom or dad. The love comes from where you are, your home, it also comes from your family who usually lives in your home with you. In my home I feel able to be emotional if needed, and to be able to have feelings. In my home my family listens, cares and respects me. I feel safe in my home. It makes my family a family. Which I could never live without. I feel like my family makes my home more of a home and makes it have the joy that my home has. My home is my space, a place where it has everything I need, a place where if I do need something it will be there. If you need your family or food or comfort, it’s always there. I’m so grateful for my home and hope that it will always be here. My home makes my family and I very happy. I wish everyone could have a home as amazing as mine!