Grade 6


Home is Where the Heart is

Home is Where the Heart is

Home is where the heart is. Home is our place, where we can sing and dance our hearts out, without being judged. Home is a place where smiles are brought, laughter is endless, and family is forever. It’s the loudest place you will ever enter. Screaming and hollering when our home team scores, feasts are to be eaten. Every human should have a place, they can call home.

The home doesn’t create us, we create the home. We create a safe and peaceful home, where we can relax on our bad days. A place where tissues and soup are brought to the sick ones. A place to be tucked in on Christmas Eve and wake up on Christmas Day with joy and excitement while racing down the stairs like our legs are joining to fall off. To tear apart the presents sitting underneath the Christmas tree. A place where families are brought together to spread the happiness, because its for infinity. Pets jumping, families dancing like turkeys to that one song. A place where my parents can watch me grow up to become the best person. Home is a shelter we can keep safe inside, from the loud, noisy storm outside. Home is the best feeling that is so hard to describe, because its so special. Home is so much more.

Every person should have a home, where they can go crazy as if the world was ending. A place where giggles are brought and never taken away. The windows and doors welcome the family to create love and happiness right in the shelter. A place where every child can wake up nice and warm in their bed. And they know that home will never be taken away from them.