Grade 5


Home Is Where The Heart Is

Almost everyone has heard someone say,
Home is where the heart is, but others will pay,
For a house, they have no room for a home,
And some have neither, so they will roam,
Until they find somewhere welcoming,
That they can call home.

Home may be an ocean,
Where you sail on a ship,
Or fly in a plane,
Like you’re going on a trip.
Whether it’s a mansion or a hut,
An igloo, a street, if you add love, anything can be,
A home.

A home should be safe, happy, and fun,
Loving families for everyone.
A home for generations, genders, races,
It doesn’t matter what you look like,
Or if you grew up in different places.

Through storms and sunshine,
Joy and sorrow,
Home is where the heart is,
For today and tomorrow.