Grade 4

Nova Scotia

Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is, as they say; but it might be more than a simple sentence. It’s where you can be yourself and be free. There might be a favorite thing, a pet, even a place in your home that makes it none other than yours. A home is not a home unless you feel it in your soul simply just “this is my home”.
My family members are my brother, my mom, my dad, and my very destructive cat.
Almost every summer me and my mom take a stroll down the road looking for wild fruits.
Home is where I grew up with smiles and tears, but the word “home” brings warmth to me like a smooth cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day: It’s where I live.
My house has been in my family for half a century and I love it very much; but inside the walls of my home are my family and that is my possession.“Home” is a thousand words in four letters. I could express in a lot of feelings why I love home.