Grade 4


Home Is Where the Heart Is

Home is where the heart is. When I arrive home from school I smell the scent of my mother’s cooking. I am glad my mother cares for my sister and I. When I think of my meal I think of those who don’t have much food. It’s time to go to bed and I see that my bed is as neat as a glamorous flower. We have a family tree in our front yard. It’s small but strong. Every spring my entire family goes out and knocks off all the little berries. My grandparents live across the world, so my family and I go over to China every year. I have an older sister that’s funny, kind, a little annoying, and sometimes mean. My home is very special to me because that is where my dad studies with me so I can be smart and get good grades. I am not allowed pets with fur because my sister and mom are allergic.